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Heat Press Supplies & Equipment

Looking for Heat Press Supplies Online? We Have All Sorts of Heat Press Equipment for Sale!

At Five Star Prints & Supplies NZ, we specialise in heat press supplies and equipment for the garment printing industry. We offer everything you need to get started with heat pressing your designs, including heat press machines, heat transfer vinyl (in all sorts of colours and textures), blank t-shirts/hoodies and other custom apparel supplies.

Whether you’re just starting with heat pressing or are an experienced artist looking for professional heat press supplies, we’ve got everything you need to get your custom graphics onto garments. Using our equipment and supplies, you can be sure that your designs will be vivid, high-quality and long-lasting.

We pride ourselves on excellent product quality, high attention to detail and outstanding customer service. We are Auckland’s go-to shop for heat transfer media, transfer production and heat transfer machinery. We also offer garment printing and DTF services. Just give us a call if you need assistance or want to find out more!&

Heat Press Equipment for Commercial Use

Whether you’re looking to start a heat press business, or just want to heat press your own custom designs at home, we have all the heat press supplies you need. We stock heat press machines for both commercial use and home use, in a range of sizes. Our heat presses are designed to cope with the rigours of heat pressing day after day and are built to last.

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Heat Transfer Vinyls

Heat Transfer Vinyls from Five Star Prints & Supplies NZ are the perfect heat press supplies to start customising your t-shirts, hoodies and more. With a wide range of colours and patterns available, you can get creative with heat press equipment for any occasion. Whether you're looking for heat transfer vinyls for small business or personal use, Five Star Prints & Supplies NZ has a product that suits your needs. Our heat press supplies are durable, long-lasting and easy to apply. With our heat transfer vinyls, you can create professional-looking designs quickly and easily. 

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Plain T-Shirts & Hoodies

We have a range of quality-made blank t-shirts and hoodies in a wide range of colours. These blank items are ready for your design! 

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Wholesale DTF Transfers Printing

We can print vivid, durable and professional-quality DTF transfers for you to press onto apparel using your heat press machinery. 

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FAQs About Our Heat Press Equipment & Other Printing Equipment

What heat press do I need for small-scale heat pressing? 

For small-scale heat pressing, you can choose a basic heat press machine with adjustable temperature and pressure settings. This type of heat press is suitable for producing high-quality designs on smaller items like t-shirts or tote bags.

What features should I look for when purchasing heat press equipment? 

When selecting a heat press machine, you should consider the size of the heat press, the temperature and pressure settings, as well as the quality of the heat press. Also, make sure that it is durable and reliable enough to produce professional-looking heat-pressed designs.

What heat transfer material should I use for heat pressing? 

Heat transfer materials vary in terms of type, quality and price. Common heat transfer materials include heat transfer vinyl, heat transfer paper, sublimation transfers and flock heat transfers. If you’re unsure about which transfer material is best for your needs, just give us a call. 

What’s the difference between a heat press machine and an iron? 

Heat presses provide more controlled and even temperatures than an iron. With a heat press machine, you can set the time, pressure, and temperature to ensure consistent results across each print. The heated platen of a heat press holds more heat and distributes it evenly across the substrate, resulting in a better quality image transfer than an iron.

Got Other Questions About Our Range, or How We Supply the Best Heat Press Supplies NZ Has to Offer?

If you have any other questions about our heat press supplies or need a hand choosing the right equipment for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch! Our team is here to help with all of your garment printing questions!

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