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Frequently Ask Questions

How does a DTF printer work?

DTF printers print CMYK followed by white ink onto a specially coated film. This is different from direct-to-garment (DTG) printing, which prints in the opposite order.


How long do DTF transfers last?

With proper care, a DTF transfer can last for years and outlast the garment it's printed on. With regular use and washing, a DTF print can last for 50–100 washes.

How to store DTF transfers?

You can store DTF transfers in ziplock bags with silica gel packets, resealable bags, or between sheets of parchment paper.

What is required for DTF printing?

DTF printing requires a printer, DTF special ink, DTF hot melt powder, DTF transfer film, and a heat press machine.

What is the typical temperature range for DTF printing?

The typical temperature range for DTF is between 280–325°F, and the typical pressure range is between 30–60 PSI.

How many times can you use a DTF transfer?

Once a DTF transfer has been pressed onto a garment, it cannot be reused. The process of applying a DTF transfer is permanent, and attempting to remove and reuse it can damage both the transfer and the garment. This is why it's important to press them properly.

How long do DTF transfers last before pressing?

While it is possible to store DTF (Direct-To-Film) transfers for extended periods if stored properly. Tip: If maintaining ideal storage conditions is challenging, it's advisable to press our DTF transfers within 180 days to prevent any potential deterioration in quality.

How many will fit in a meter?

If it's A4 size (21cm x 29cm), normally it will fit 10 pcs in a meter. If it's A3 size (29cm x 40cm), It will fit 10 pcs in a 2-meter setup.

What file format do you need?

We need a PNG or pdf file format without the background at least 300 dpi in resolution and ideally already sized up so there are not many changes on the output especially on the colour if we resize or enlarge it.

Do you gang up and how many images do you allow?

We can gang up as many images as you want as long as they are print-ready files. This means the file is already sized up and without a background and no need for editing.

Do you design?

No,  we don't do designing from scratch but we do editing files if we can but there's a fee for editing files.

What's your Turnaround Time (TAT)?

We normally print images within the day or depending on how busy we are. Normally within 24hrs not including courier which may take about 1-3 days depending on the availability of the courier in your area. We also offer delivery for customers within 20kms from our Auckland shops.

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