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38cm x 38cm printing area

Heat Press Machine - 38cm x 38cm Printing Area

$550.00 Regular Price
$500.00Sale Price
  • We are not just here to sell, we are here to help! If you buy a machine from us you get the following for free:

    1. 600mmx900mm signage to kickstart your marketing

    2. Full  t-shirt printing training courtesy of our team of professionals

    3. Two sample t-shirts provided in the training

    4. Basic adobe design photoshop and illustrator training, and design support which will be very helpful to kickstart your own t-shirt printing business.

    5. We will teach you how you can offer both single colour and multi-colour design.

    6. We also have other printing methods you can learn and offer such as  banner, stickers, posters, labels, signs and decals.

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