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Direct to FIlm DTF Priting in New Zealand

Direct to Film (DTF) Printing & Transfers New Zealand

Looking for the Best Direct to Film Printers & Transfers New Zealand Has to Offer?


We are New Zealand’s go-to supplier for direct-to-film printing. We have been in the printing industry for more than 10 years, and are one of the pioneers to start Direct To Film Printing (DTF) services in New Zealand.

At Five Star Prints, we use the best direct-to-film printers, transfers and specially designed pigment inks available on the market, which means we can create designs with immaculate coloring, fine detail and fantastic fabric performance. Our DTF prints are vibrant and long-lasting, have a soft feel, and they won’t crack, peel or fade. We work with the best small commercial printers and large format printers available, so we can create high-quality print transfers of various sizes, for all needs.

We currently have stores in East Tamaki & Albany, Auckland and are planning to open more stores outside Auckland soon. Whatever you need, we can cater to your needs and will strive to produce your prints within 1 or 2 working days. 

What Is DTF Printing?

DTF printing is the holy grail of creating graphics for your custom apparel. This technology has revolutionised the custom printing industry and is the best way to produce high-volume custom transfers for apparel. The DTF process transfers prints (including artwork, photographs, logos, designs and more) onto fabric or other materials using a heat press. Direct-to-film printing can be used with almost any fabric, including polyester, cotton, silk, or synthetic fibres like rayon or terry cloth. DTF garment printing works for all sorts of garments, including:

  • T-shirts
  • Polos
  • Bags
  • Printed tags
  • Hats
  • Sweatshirts
  • Backpacks
  • Aprons
  • Sports Uniforms
  • Outdoor flags, banners, and tablecloths

Our Other Garment Printing Supplies

Heat Press Machines

We stock heat press machines for both commercial and home use, in a range of sizes. Our heat presses are designed to cope with the rigours of frequent heat pressing and come with great features including even heat, adjustable pressure, digital control panels and affordable prices. 

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Heat Transfer Vinyls

Whether you're looking for heat transfer vinyls for small business or personal use, Five Star Prints & Supplies NZ has a product that suits your needs. Our heat press supplies are durable, long-lasting and easy to apply. We have standard colours, neon colours and various textures, so you can get creative with your designs.

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Plain T-Shirts & Hoodies

We have a range of quality-made blank t-shirts and hoodies in a wide range of colours - these blank items are ready for your designs! 

[Browse Our Print-Ready Apparel]

FAQs About Direct-to-Film Printing/Transfers

What are the benefits of DTF printing?

DTF printing is extremely versatile and has a wide variety of uses that make it suitable for many different projects. DTF can be used to produce vibrant, full-colour images with excellent detail and clarity on both dark garments and light fabrics. Additionally, DTF printers are capable of producing large quantities of transfers in a relatively short amount of time. Compared to other printing methods like screen printing, DTF has better transfer characteristics (like soft feel, detailed imagery and durability).

Can you print DTF on a regular printer?

No, DTF (Direct to Film) printing requires a specialised DTF transfer printer that uses thermal transfer technology and is designed for direct-to-film printing. Regular printers are not capable of producing the consistent quality and lasting results achieved with DTF printing. If you are looking for a professional-grade printing solution that offers vibrant, long-lasting results, DTF printing is the ideal choice.

How long do direct-to-film garments last?

Direct-to-film printed garments typically last a long time - usually, the print lasts the lifetime of the garment. Cotton garments tend to be more durable than most synthetic fabrics and can hold up for many years with proper care. On the other hand, certain synthetic fabrics such as polyester may not last as long and may start to wear down after a few years of regular use. To maximise the lifespan of direct-to-film printed garments, it is best to follow the washing instructions provided by the manufacturer and only wash them when necessary. It is also important to avoid excessive exposure to sunlight, heat or moisture when possible. With proper care and maintenance, direct-to-film printed garments can last for many years.

Our Direct to Film (DTF) Printing Services

Got More Questions About Our Garment Printing Services, Supplies or the DTF Printing Process?

Just get in touch with our friendly team today! Want to check out our range of textile printing supplies? 

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    Melbourne Branch:

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